Umbilical. A Small sculpture. Seven centimetres in height. Wood, with a knitted component. Engraved. It fits nicely in the hand.
Do you remember making one of these with your mother? She banged in the nails, and showed you how to hook the wool over each one with a darning needle. Then after a while, the umbilical cord appears below. It pulls out surprisingly long; a woolly tail measuring your production.
What was the first thing you made with your mother? An umbilical cord, perhaps. The communicating link.
The cord does not get broken. 2020.

I make my bed and lie on it…

I make my bed and lie on it… Unfinished work. Interactive sculptural work. The cot dimensions are: H 21 cm, W 21 cm, H 31 cm. A small cloth doll lies in a cot. She represents an exposing sense of insecurity and unhoused-ness. A woman lying in an open space. The viewer will have a little stool to sit on and a book from which to read to her. The stories are based on years of dreams of searching through or trying to access a house.

Cauldron of Story

Cauldron of Story. Length 52 cm. Height 30 cm. Width 28 cm. A basket made years ago, which I reworked as a sculpture representing dangerous themes in fairy-tale. Woven with flattened copper wire and additional, sharpened pieces of willow. 2020.

The Kitchen Drawer

The Kitchen Drawer. Length 40 cm. Height 18 cm. Width 21 cm. A wooden box, which acquired its contents in exactly the same way as a kitchen drawer becomes a container for the detritus we forget we may need. A kind of diary of objects. 2020.

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